Further conspicuous international design prizes:


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Students' PrizeCreativity PrizePromotion Items PrizePhotography Prize
Event PrizeHouseware PrizeAdvanced PrizeExpostitions Prize
Literature PrizeManufacturing Machinery PrizeWonderful PrizeForemost Prize
Greatest Art Pieces PrizeHighlighting PrizeArchitecture Art and Design PrizeDesign Thinking Prize
Excellent PrizeLeading PrizeTop Designers PrizeTop Design Prize
Professional Architect PrizeProfessional Architects PrizeProfessional Artists PrizeArts Equipment Prize
Choice of Security PrizeCreative Talents PrizePioneers PrizeResidential Housing Prize
Convention Centers PrizeArchitectural Projects PrizeBlogging PrizeBeauty Products Prize
Cosmetics and Beauty Products PrizeWhite Goods PrizeYellow Goods PrizeFuturistic Prize
Design for Future PrizeTechnical Design PrizeExhibition Spaces PrizeDistrict Prize
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